To celebrate autumn – the gallery has a lovely set of leafy prints by UK based artist Henny Tate. Henny is from a family of printers that produce linocuts, block prints, photographic images and letter press often inspired by nature. With a background in design she recently retrained in horticulture and continues to study plants through various mediums. 

“I draw plants because I feel compelled to and want to record a moment in their lifecycle. I enjoy gardening as an active way of working with plants and find drawing is more of a meditation, a chance to reflect on their form and satisfy a curiosity about their workings. Turning the drawings into linocuts produces a simple abstraction of this form and hopefully gives them a meditative quality that I felt when drawing them. I play with colour to draw attention to the plant and perhaps encourage a relationship with a plant and a person that may not have otherwise existed. In this case Phlebodium aureum”

All works for sale in various colours and sizes
DM @hennytate for prices and for more information.