Here we have a little bit of Colombia magic visiting the gallery ! Alex Amelines is an animator and illustrator based in the U.K. He creates characters inspired by his childhood growing up in Colombia with imagery drawn from local mythology and fairytales. These characters are created as part of his film making process and are made from found natural materials and junk. You can see how he makes these figures on his YouTube page here

Meet El Hojarasquín Del Monte, and El Mohán – from left to right in the gallery.

El Mohán is everyone’s favourite monster. Although his description varies from place to place, he is usually a huge creature, covered in hair with long, claw-like nails. He’s fond of mischief, music and tobacco. Fishermen say he capsizes boats, steals bait and hooks. Washerwomen claim he bewitches girls with music and tricks.

El Hojarasquín Del Monte the forest dweller is the protector of the coffee growing region in Colombia. This creature will guide you to safety if it decides you pose no threat to the forest, otherwise it will confuse you by making animal noises and leaving false trails until you are lost forever.

La Madre monte (Mother mountain) is a spirit regarded as the protector of the jungle and its animals. She’s very unforgiving when humans enter her domain to alter or destroy it. Madre monte haunts those who steal others people’s land and casts plagues on cattle owners who usurp fields or ignore boundaries.

You can follow Alex @happy_papi_tv He does not sell the characters as they are currently employed as actors on his film but he does take commissions. DM him for more info.

If you feel inspired by Alex’s work and make a character out of things you find or have to hand  – DM me at the gallery and we will showcase your work on the insta. @galleryofthegiants