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SHOW #16


“If you stop…”

(archive paper photographic prints)

If you stop…

A few years ago as I hurtled through pretty much every aspect of my life, a friend made a simple but powerful observation.

If you stop, he said, you will see more.

Those wise words adorn my studio wall and I’ve worked hard on that notion. In the process, I have discovered the joy of landscape photography.

The transient and often transcendent light, the diurnal patterns, the weather, the seasons, all shaping the outcome. Waiting and waiting for that perfect moment. Trying again and again. Constantly learning. Constantly discovering. The camera has become an integral part of my way of seeing.

If you stop… captures the tranquility of pausing in a series of long exposure seascapes taken on the Dorset coast, my childhood home, in March 2024.

Diana Henry, lightsheds May 2024

Diana is a visual artist who explores the patterns, movement and sensory element of light. Working with natural and projected light she considers how it can affect spaces and those within a space. She is also a creative producer specialising in content creation for large scale digital/media installations and mentors emerging talent in the creative industries.


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