SHOW # 14


This exhibition is brought you by the Yuniya collective. Their practice involves bringing personal stories of ‘Growing Up African’ to life to celebrate the richness and diversity of African culture through childhood stories. They enable children to explore fun and inspiring stories and engaging activities on African mythology history heritage and culture, objects and connections

Here we present “Maleng: A boy from Uganda”. A wire car he loved very much. He called her Maleng, meaning beautiful “

Visit to find out more and to listen to Malachi Justin narrates the story of this precious wire car.

Growing Up African The stories of ‘Growing Up African’ are one epic narrative. From cruising down the street with wire cars to kwepena, children played, had fun and did what children do, the African way!

How do we do it? We ask Africans in the diaspora and continent to pick an object (s) from their childhood and tell us a story about it. Each object tells a story of childhood experiences in different parts of the African continent.

Setting The Stage For Intergenerational Climate Dialogue Our goal is to turn despair into action through the power of storytelling. Our intergenerational workshops equip the older generation and the next generation with the tools needed to face the global problems of our time, plan their activism and process their feelings.

Please check out for more details and stories or feel free to DM me Louisa @galleryofthegiants  if you have an educational project you’d like to show here.