SHOW #10



Gallery of the Giants is proud to present “GRASSLANDS” – etched glass panels by colour field abstract painter Lou Hamilton. “For decades I have wanted to collaborate with @andrewmoorassociates on some glass art and finally I have!!” Grasslands is about the trace elements essential for a healthy ecology. This series is comprised of photomontages on glass, of landscapes brimming with life, and a celebration of sustainability.

Lou Hamilton grew up in the village of Aldbourne and is now an acclaimed abstract painter based in London. “My work is comprised of abstract colourfields, built up in layers of acrylic paint and sometimes other media, until they reach what I call the ‘hum’ when the colours and composition are in balance, and the painting exudes a feeling of calm. I work intuitively and tap into the spiritual nature of our physical environment. Formally a sculptor I approach painting in a robust way, working on the floor with builders brushes and vigorous brushwork, then calming the whole lot down in a meditative practice.

All these works are for sale. Limited edition Fine Art prints of these glassworks will be available to buy at A2 size from @darkmatterstudio during the exhibition. Contact me on 07752356514 for details and prices or feel free to DM the artist directly @louhamiltonart
Also be sure to check out for Lou’s full portfolio of larger works.