Nigel Moores
“Looking at art”

Mini Paintings

The “LOOKING AT ART” series began when observing people in galleries and their moment of affinity to a work of art. This internal emotion and connection seemed to outwardly manifest itself in  their body language. This group of work playfully questions scale in abstract painting. By placing a figure in front of a miniature work one can immediately imagine a gallery space. I hope that there might be a little amusement, along with memories of looking at art. 

Artist Bio:
Nigel was born in Manchester and studied art in Cheltenham and London. He has taught art formally and also mentored groups of artists for most of his life. He has been a visiting tutor for several Art Societies and various artist’s groups. He was chairman of Borderlands Artist’s Consortium and a member of the “Espacio” co-operative in east London.

Nigel has been selected for many open submissions, exhibited widely in the UK. and recently long listed for the Jackson’s art prize. 

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