Lanre Danmola & Sabrina Rovello

Lanre and Sabrina present a collage of raw images that express the primal nature of the human condition when stripped back. We wanted to capture the dirt of the human condition. For most of our days we are chained by of our honest emotions. Conditioned to be clean. Through a collection of images you see the artist embrace the dirt, the mess the primal nature we all have that lies within.

As we age as humans, we lose touch with ourselves. Our primal raw selves. Our dirt. Our mess is often seen to be most fitting behind closed doors or not see at all, just hidden within. But as we embrace our inner raw primal nature and express, we set ourselves free. We find freedom, colour, humanity and finally peace. Over the collection of images, you see an artist take on this journey. Whilst these photos are still in nature, they speak volumes. To be free we need to embrace our mess and dirt. It is the part of us that we hide but the part that makes us the most human.

Artist Bio: Lanre Danmola

Lanre Danmola is a British-Nigerian actor, producer, model, and physical theatre artist. Passionate about storytelling, he recently starred in the award-winning, sold-out theatre production “Last Goal Wins” at Theatre Peckham. He is currently producing and leading two short film comedies that explore psychological trauma and internal conflict.

Later this year, he will debut a new project that combines photography, lighting, and actor emotions. Lanre’s work blends drama and comedy to create thought-provoking narratives, pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

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Artist Bio: Sabrina Rovello

Sabrina Rovello is a photographer and filmmaker based in London founder of InFrame. She was raised in the south of Italy, where she spent as much time as possible outdoors. Sabrina’s photos use natural light as a callback to a childhood spent basking in the sun.

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