(oil, bitumen on board) 24x15cm

Welcome to the new gallery that has been made for the summer ! After a long dark wet winter. the first mini gallery space, made out of an old LP cube shelf – has had to be dismantled and replaced.

While we wait for the next artist to show – this is the first of three abstract mini works from my own collection that I wanted to share. This first painting is by a wonderful British abstract painter called Adam Taylor and is entitled “Springtime”. He’s juxtaposed a pretty pink against a dark menacing bitumen to create an intense mini drama !

From “Adam Taylor is a British contemporary artist. His paintings can be described as abstract compositions influenced by the coastal landscape of his surroundings in rural West Wales. He strives to capture the mood of the land, distilling the basic forms into pleasing shapes and colour. He works predominantly in oils, but will use enamel paint and different textures at the beginning of the painting process, producing a final piece which is raw and layered.”

He’s represented by http://@ffinyparcgallery or check out his work at and his insta at http://@adamtaylorartist

Please feel free to DM me Louisa @galleryofthegiants  if you have an