Dena Haghsay

“Dejected” encapsulates the fragility of the human spirit through the form of a vase. Traditionally, a vase stands upright, symbolising stability, purpose, and the containment of beauty. However, in “Dejected,” the vase appears to have lost its core strength, succumbing to an invisible weight that forces it to bend and collapse. This sculpture serves as a metaphor for the psychological impact of trauma on human well-being. Just as the vase can no longer fulfil its intended function, individuals facing trauma can feel as though their inner essence has been compromised, leaving them unable to stand tall. The outer surface, rough and textured, contrasts sharply with the vibrant red interior, symbolising the raw emotions and inner turmoil often hidden beneath a calm exterior.The creases and folds in the structure of the vase evoke the enduring scars left by emotional distress, while the exposed red interior signifies the vulnerability and pain that lie within.”Dejected” invites viewers to reflect on the resilience required to overcome adversity. It underscoresthe importance of addressing and healing from trauma to restore one’s strength and stability, much like the vase that, once repaired, can regain its upright form and purpose.

This piece serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between external appearances and internal realities, emphasising the need for empathy and understanding in the face of human suffering.

Artist Bio:

“A shift from my original training in architecture and interior design, my primary focus in my South London studio is now clay. A search for meaning, identity, and belonging has always driven my journey in art which created a profound language for me that unravels and reveals truth through the fusion of various elements; an insight into human fragility and resilience through the years I worked with clay and the embodiment of our remarkable ability to navigate both fear and compassion.

The figures I sculpt often embody the universal narrative of human perseverance.

Initially serving as vessels for ageless stories, my creations have taken a new direction on contemporary psychological landscapes, drawing inspiration from psychoanalysis and personal experiences. As an artist, I extend this exploration through teaching and community engagement. I aim to foster art as a collective medium for connection and self-reflection, celebrating our shared journey in uncovering and expressing the depths within us”

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